ZUU Kidz

Our first ZUU Kidz class went down a storm they loved it :)

Our first ZUU Kidz class went down a storm they loved it :)




MURPHY MOTIVATION in Partnership with the MAIDSTONE YMCA brings you..... ZUU Kidz

ZUU KIDZ is a simple programme where kidz are taught simple movements of ZUU encouraging kids to be interactive with others they would not normally, build self-esteem, touches the physical & mental health by being social & having fun exercising. Interacting has been lost in society & by this simple programme kids get a chance to grow whilst having fun & with these key elements being drawn out & with a simple high five leading the way.

Kids get inspired by the Coach earning their respect. Even from this young age it is very important to do this. ZUU KIDZ is based on mutual respect & when they see their Coach leading by example they will follow. The animal exercises are FUN! The kidz start to interact with groups out of their norm & together they build a culture of inclusiveness. ZUU KIDZ is shared by many experts, realising it is a powerful vehicle that can tackle the many problems facing our youth in regards the physical, physiological & social aspects of health. Problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, bullying, self-esteem, social skills, leadership to name a few. 

ZUU KIDZ sustainability is about empowering communities with simple tools & techniques to creating a culture of inclusivity, no egos, social interaction, positive affirmations, discipline, respect, leading by example & fun animal moves. 
“We earn the coaches respect & inspire them. They then do the same with the kids.”

“Inspire one, Inspire many”


WHERE: YMCA, Melrose Close

WHEN: Monday @4pm

COST: £3 per child

AGE: From 4+ yrs

ABILITY: This is why ZUU is incredible because it’s for all levels, all abilities and parents feel free to join in with the little ones too