My mission is to reach out and let others that have been through what I have been through to realise that there is HOPE, there is a LIGHT at the end of a tunnel and there are people out there like me reaching out to you too.  

This is my invite to you or someone you may know that might need help, or wants someone to hold their hand and say come on #BeBrave and let's go on this journey together join in with me and watch the magic happen…

“Inspire one inspire many”

Although I am 38 years young my new life, my new chapter of my life started just over 2 and a half years ago now. I share my story not to impress but to impress upon people and inspire others to #BeBrave out about

Mental Health

Daily torture in my head, daily anxiety and struggling to get out of bed in the mornings for nearly 3 years! A failed attempt at suicide was my end point… I knew I wasn’t done on this earth yet that I had a purpose in life I just didn’t know what it was yet! So I reached out to others and thankfully got the help I needed.  

Everybody knows someone who is affected by mental health issues, you see mental health is not a physical thing that can be fixed like a broken bone in a few weeks, you cannot see it, and generally you don’t know if you or someone you know has it until its too late, or the lucky ones like myself get the help that is needed by reaching out.

I realised that time was needed, patience, persistence, daily disciplines, daily self-development whether it be audios, reading, sometimes medication and talking to someone to overcome these barriers really helped me overcome my inner demons in my head.

“Consistent action over time creates great results”

Living with these words in my head daily no matter what hits me now and to learn trust the process… I am living proof that if you make a decision and decide to change your current situation then you can turn your life around.

Serving people in my community

I live daily with gratitude,I love to give back to my community with my free buggy bootcamps, community classes and my LIVE online workouts. These positively affect physical, mental and social aspects of health, wellbeing, bringing strangers together and inspiring a community to become healthy happy people.

LIVE daily 7@7 minute workouts

I created my 7@7 mission back on Day 1- Monday 5th March 2018. It was only supposed to only be one wee! But then I realised I needed this daily habit more than anyone, to help keep me accountable and on track to everyone in the social media world.

Fast forward with 365 days completed the impact these 7am LIVE workouts have given people has blown my mind…

Feeling truly humbled and grateful

To each and everyone for following my journey, supporting my mission and sweating with me, laughing with me, commenting on my daily videos and everyone who has reached out sent me amazing positive uplifting messages on how much not only physically but mentally it makes them feel too thank you.

Empower others

I’m passionate about my mission and I promised myself that I would complete the 365 days.

“I will, I can, End of story”  

Why I do what I do for free?

The answer is easy I do it to kickstart my day physically but more importantly mentally too I know how much better and fired up I feel for the day and also how great it makes me feel that I am impacting an online community no matter where you live in the world and bring a smile to other people out there, to infect them with my ‘Murphy Motivation Love’

“Smile, it’s Free”…

Be part of my mission simply share and lets IMPACT, EMPOWER and SPRINKLE a simple act of kindness on other people you know, and people you don’t know.

My #BeBraveMurphyMotivationMission will only be possible with others sharing this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, much love 
Adel x