I'm a crazy, happy, fun loving Irish girl who moved over to Maidstone, UK over 2 years ago. My mission and passion is to help others believe in themselves, build confidence from within, inner happiness and self-love. We all have a journey and together as a community we can build each other up. A fun, simple and magical experience through my community fitness, nutrition and online activities. Get involved, get in touch today and join me 'TRUST ME'... YOU WON'T REGRET IT :) #NoExcuses

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Pure Elite Uk Championship

1st Place +35 Muscle Model


Everyone has a journey, a past, it's how we become the person we are today.  Growing up I was always self-motivated, self-confident, passionate about team sports, health and fitness too.  I owned a very successful health and nutrition club alongside a fitness studio impacting on average 300+ people in my community in Dublin, Ireland a week in a positive way.


I was so focused on helping others that I forgot about the most important person and that was me.  I was so busy being busy I never had time to eat, well I did but I ate the wrong kinds of food and my energy was terrible, I craved the bad stuff, fuelled my body on high carbs, sugary foods and lots of energy drinks to get me through my day and I skipped meals too due to not having enough time.  


A good friend of mine introduced me to a ‘shake diet’ well so I taught. I was the biggest sceptic at first although I am open-minded so I decided to give it a try, what was the worst that could happen? I actually surprised myself at how convenient it was, I no longer skipped meals, craving the 'bad stuff' had disappeared but most of all I felt amazing, my energy increased, my body was in great condition and I was smashing my personal bests at the time in my road races. 


Life threw 'stuff' at me and some people cope better than others.  For me circumstances in my life got in the way, I realised I wasn't okay. Three years of struggling with anxiety and depression pushed me into a world I no longer had control over!  My thoughts and actions made me realise that I wasn't 100% and I needed help. Doctors, medication, counselling and self-development got me back on track!  I'm not saying it to impress you but simply to impress upon you the ability to change if you choose to, no matter whether your goal my be weight loss, muscle gain, more energy, making better choices you name it all starts with the decision to 'try'. I just wanted to feel good about myself again, to feel happy inside...


My new journey began, a new life, a new adventure to finally find out who 'Adel' truly was.  I started focusing on my goals, my dreams of someday becoming a World Champion Muscle Model. I wanted to do this since the age of 18 years old but people’s opinions stopped me from perusing it.  The gym got me out of bed in the mornings, it motivated me, I set a target 1st April 2017 I committed I was going to do it and my first competition was only 4 months away so I knew I had a lot to do!


I worked out like never before, my nutrition was on point, 100% disciplined, committed and driven to achieve what I always wanted to achieve. I worked on myself daily, personal development and self-belief was a major part to my success. The mindset of a champion…


Fast forward to a year of working hard and three competitions later, I stood on that stage feeling 10ft tall and being recognised for a 1st place Pure Elite UK Champion 35+ Muscle model.

Three months later I did it again this time a much harder level at the Miami Pro Federation European Championships and I walked away with a 3rd place Muscle Model & 4th place Fitness Model I just couldn’t believe it.

My final competition of the year and by far the hardest of them all. For the first time ever competing at Professional Level in the Pure Elite World Championship I placed 5th as a new Pro Muscle Model Athlete.


Check out my 28 day online National Challenge in the Nutrition section these really helped me to keep the focus towards my goals. These too help my clients achieve there results too. We now are a expanding online community of over 800 people every 6 weeks taking part in this unbelievable challenge to healthy, happy, positive like-minded people.  

In my opinion these challenges are the backbone to keeping me on track, focused and accountable towards my road to stage last year and my current goals too.  

Most of all I love that now I get to help others feel not only physically but mentally amazing too.

When we create healthier habits, we become healthier happier people.


This journey has been so much more then trophies, I was already a winner in my eyes before I even stepped on stage. It wasn’t my physical transformation that has changed my life, it was 100% my mental transformation, it has thought me that if you want something bad enough in life no matter what it is you've got to 'Believe in yourself', 'Trust the process' and ‘Go after it like your life depends on it’.

I'm now on a mission to help other's to have the attitude of 'Never give up, never give in'