Reaching your personal best…


With a healthy, balanced nutrition and exercise plan, designed to help you optimize your body composition. This is done by learning and helping educate you on how to live a healthy active lifestyle; combining balanced nutrition with regular exercise. Healthy habits, not restrictions are the key to long term results. 

We at Murphy Motivation focus on how you feel and how you look rather than a number on the scales. Let’s help you understand the science behind how by simply getting the right start to your day will affect how you feel for the rest of your day.

I love Adel’s 10 steps to success nutrition talks. They really educate you about good and bad foods and making the right choices towards a healthier lifestyle
— Natalie James

What to expect over our 10 step programme?

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Each step we focus on different areas to help you reach your full potential.  We teach very simple nutrition, it’s not complicated and it will help you become more mindful about the choices you make on a daily basis. Replacing ‘Bad for Better’ will make a massive difference in your energy, overall health and results. 

1.      Be Nutrition Wise

2.      Eat yourself healthy

3.      The power of protein

4.      From fats, with love

5.      Hydration for health

6.      Be exercise wise

7.      Rest and recovery

8.      Support your nutrition

9.      Get some attitude

10.    Inspire others

Set yourself some goals…

Ask yourself who you would like to be, then set your personal goals; Feel healthier, look better, feel better, sleep better, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, de-fluff, control stress, boost self-esteem, increase energy levels & feel confident.

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Moving that little bit more daily, learn more about the importance of movement and how consistent action over time can create amazing empowering results.



Studies show that not eating enough is the main cause for overweight, obesity, lacking energy, poor health & lack of motivation? Learn the importance of eating 5 times a day, to help you achieve your desired goals.



Most people consume way too many calories from the wrong fluids. Learn the benefits of drinking more water and it’s positive effects it will have on your body.

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